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Invisalign for Children

Navigating the world of orthodontics can be daunting for many parents, especially when considering the various options available to correct crooked teeth. While traditional metal braces have been a go-to solution for years, Invisalign has emerged as a sought-after alternative, boasting a plethora of benefits. But one pressing question remains on every parent’s mind: At what age can a child get Invisalign?

This article will help guide parents  through this decision-making process. We’ll explore important factors to consider, from the emergence of adult teeth to devising a custom treatment plan that ensures a healthy smile for their child. By the end of this read, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision at your next dental appointment about whether your child is a suitable candidate for Invisalign or should explore other options.


At What Age Can a Child Get Invisalign?

Children can start Invisalign treatment as early as age 7, with Invisalign First. Invisalign First is designed specifically for children’s growing smiles and can be used to treat a variety of orthodontic problems, including crowding, spacing, and narrow dental arches.

However, it is important to note that not all children are ready for Invisalign at age 7. Some children may need to wait until they have lost more of their baby teeth and have more of their permanent teeth in place. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the child is mature enough to be responsible for wearing their aligners for the required amount of time each day.

Why so quickly? Early orthodontic treatment is not for everyone, but in some circumstances, a child comes to us with moderate to severe orthodontic issues that just cannot be treated later. This is known as early interception treatment or Phase 1 treatment. This is the phase when the child’s permanent teeth are not all in yet. But, in some cases, braces are recommended at this stage.

Understanding the intricate interplay between baby teeth and emerging adult teeth is essential in determining the right orthodontic approach. At the age of seven, many children still retain several of their baby teeth, making it a crucial development stage to assess orthodontic needs.

The idea of wearing Invisalign for numerous hours per day might seem daunting, especially for younger children. Yet, the flexibility offered by Invisalign aligners—unlike the fixed nature of metal brackets—means that wearers can remove them during meals. This prevents restrictions on the types of foods consumed and significantly reduces the risk of tooth decay often associated with traditional braces, where food might become trapped.

However, one challenge with Invisalign is compliance. Parents need to be confident in their child’s commitment to their treatment, as inconsistent wear can hinder the desired tooth movement. But, if met with dedication, Invisalign can be an excellent choice for children and teens alike, providing them with a discreet, effective, and comfortable solution to their dental needs.


Why Invisalign™?

In today’s environment, Invisalign™ is marketed as an alternative to braces for teeth straightening.

After all, most children, like adults, dislike having metal braces on their teeth. Many people are unaware that Invisalign™ clear aligners are not always as effective as traditional braces in straightening a child’s teeth. It will be up to your dentist or orthodontist to decide what would be best for your child’s situation.

Since its inception, Invisalign™ has been considered safe for adults and teens. But, it has only been recently that they are regarded as an acceptable orthodontic choice for children. Advanced technology has allowed dentists to determine what works best for a mix of baby teeth and incoming permanent teeth as children grow. Furthermore, it is recommended that children see an orthodontist or child-friendly dentist providing orthodontic care around the age of 7.


First Invisalign Treatment

There is a variety of therapy choices for Invisalign™, and only some strategies are suitable for everyone.

Each person should have a customised treatment plan designed around what movement is needed to improve the patient’s smile and alignment. Dental clinics, such as Odin House Dental Surgery, provide a complimentary initial consultation so you can learn precisely what is required (including the cost) to correct your child’s teeth.


Invisalign Price

The cost of orthodontic treatment is determined mostly by how difficult it is to align the teeth and correct the bite.

Most orthodontists charge the same amount for Invisalign™ or clear aligner treatment as traditional braces therapy. For children, it is critical to restore all teeth straightening concerns and bite problems so they can enjoy a lifetime of health, function, and amazing smiles.


Clear Aligners Provide Easier Hygiene Than Traditional Braces

Clear aligners offer a comfortable, flexible, and efficient alternative to traditional braces, simplifying oral hygiene and daily wear.

It’s always been challenging to keep your teeth clean while straightening them. Have you ever attempted to clear food off wires and brackets? It’s a lengthy process. There are no food restrictions with transparent aligners such as Invisalign™, and you remove the aligners to brush and floss as usual.

Furthermore, you can take the aligners out to have pictures taken and for special events. However, it is recommended that the aligners be worn for 22 hours a day, every day.

Keeping your aligners clean is also very simple. You need to brush and rinse. There aren’t any specialised tools or devices required to clean them.

The advantages of clear aligners don’t stop with just their appearance or ease of cleaning. Consider the peace of mind knowing that you or your child won’t be faced with unexpected trips to the orthodontist due to broken wires or dislodged brackets. The sturdiness of clear aligners, coupled with their removable nature, reduces the chances of such incidents.

Moreover, while traditional braces can sometimes cause irritation to the cheeks and lips, clear aligners are crafted to fit snugly over the teeth, minimising discomfort. This means fewer interruptions to daily life and more confidence in smiling, speaking, and eating. Additionally, the absence of metal components means there’s no risk of metal allergies, which some individuals may experience with traditional braces.

Lastly, one might think that with all these benefits, clear aligners might be more fragile or delicate. Surprisingly, they’re designed to be durable, enduring daily wear and tear while effectively shifting teeth into their desired positions. The key is consistent wear and ensuring proper care, allowing the aligners to do their job while maintaining optimal oral health.


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